RockfileRadio.com is the official site for Rockfile Radio, owned and operated by Rockfile Media, LLC.

Established in 2012, Rockfile Media is a full service media content creator and consultant in all things rock.

Committed to excellence with a long and varied wealth of experience (over 30 years!), providing station creation, programming and consulting for Terrestrial and Internet radio, voice work, commercial production and imaging, ecommerce and more.

RockfileRadio.com at a glance
(Statistics For 2019; Source: Google Analytics)

* 120,000+ Users Worldwide
* 350,000+ Sessions
* 700,000 Pageviews
* 1,500,000 Ad Impressions

WIth the addition of the new app, 2020 is tracking higher numbers than the same time last year.

Request the Rockfile Radio Media Kit by contacting Scott Hamilton of Rockfile Media directly via e-mail.